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What is Search Engine Optimization?

If customers do not visit your site does that mean the site doesn’t exist?.

"search engine optimization","search marketing","seo","website analytics","online marketing"The answer to that question is always a thunderous Yes.” It is a site’s level of prominence that determines whether it actually “exists” or not among the thousands (or millions) of competing sites.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an online marketing discipline that involves the use of various techniques, strategies, and SEO tools designed to increase the prominence of online properties (websites, blogs, social media accounts, etc.) as reflected in search engine results.

The financial success (ROI) of an online property is largely determined by search engine prominence. However, other factors such as usability, site design, and “conversion strategy” — all part of a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy — also determine the success or failure of an online property.

Search Engine Prominence Determines Online Success

"online marketing","search engine marketing","online marketing","how to sell online","seo","online marting","website analytics"Online prominence is determined by commercial online search engines which “crawl” and index every word on a site to determine the level of authority, value, uniqueness, and relevance of the information contained in the site. The higher the site’s prominence, the more likely it will rank high in a relevant search and the greater the chance of hitting your target audience with your online marketing message.

If a site has a high degree of authority, contains high-quality content, offers visitors exceptional value, and is highly relevant to the subject of the site then the site itself is rewarded with a high degree of prominence.

High prominence is reflected when users perform online searches using relevant keywords. Search engine listings will display highly relevant sites more prominently to users for relevant keywords than would less prominent site(s).

Conversely, a site may hold little or no authority on a subject, contain low-quality content or even patently plagiarized or duplicate content, or contain information that bears little or no relevance to the subject of the site. In that case the site is rewarded with a very low degree of online prominence, if any.

Low prominence becomes evident when users perform online searches for relevant keywords using an online search engine. Sites judged to have little prominence will usually fail to appear on a search engine results page, or SERP.

The three dominant search engines are Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Of these three Google is by far the largest and most widely used search engine with approximately 73% of the market.

What is “Analytics”?

"search engine analytics","website analytics","search engine marketing","web analytics"The term “analytics” actually refers to the results of an in-depth examination of one or more mathematical data points generated by a website or other online property. In search engine marketing, the term Analytics more commonly refers to a precise procedure as well as the results of that procedure.

Analytics can involve the study of a very simple data point such as the number of “hits”, or visits to a website. On the other hand, Analytics can involve a more detailed examination that is many times more sophisticated and complex than simply counting site visits.

Generally speaking, the more sophisticated the examination of an online property the greater the understanding of the true success of the property. A competent analytical study of many data points generated by a website can make the difference between a very poor return on investment in the online property and an exceptionally high financial return.

Employing Marketing Resources With Greater Confidence – Numbers Don’t Lie

"analytics","website analytics"Finally, analytics involves being able to clearly communicate to the online property owner what the results of a thorough statistical examination of the property actually mean to the business. With that understanding the property owner can confidently employ marketing resources (capital, creative talent, man hours, etc.) that will satisfy the conclusions of the online analytics.

  • STOP online visitors from buying from your competition;
  • DEFEAT your competitors by using your own SOLID GOLD online marketing plan to reach your objective of selling to your customers and clients over and over with little or no marketing costs.;
  • DESTROY your competitor’s advantage by turning your own website into a “revenue machine” that generates more sales for your business;
  • EXPLODE the idea that it’s too expensive or too complicated to get a “Page 1″ search ranking to compete effectively online for your share of new business and qualified leads!
  • NEUTRALIZE your toughest online competitor by unlocking his online marketing secrets and duplicating his successful strategy.
  • OUT-FLANK the competition by exploiting new market opportunities before anyone knows what you’re doing.
  • "online marketing sucess","online marketing goals","online marketing objectives"Discover how our suite of online tools and reports can assist your business in finding more relevant, qualified, and “ready-to-buy” traffic for all of your online properties including websites, social media, and blogs.

    • Are you continually measuring the effectiveness of your website to find out if it can directly generate even more sales and revenue for your business? (Hint: Using revenue and sales to measure the performance of your online properties does NOT tell the whole story about the potential earning power of those properties.)
    • Are you regularly measuring the effectiveness of your online properties (website. social media, and blogs) to make sure the are actually improving your search engine ranking and attracting more qualified visitors?
    • Are you following your own “measurement strategy” to make sure your online properties are outperforming the competition in attracting new online business?
    • Are your competition’s online properties getting a higher search ranking — and subsequently more qualified online traffic and sales — than are your online properties? And if so, do you know why your competition is beating you online?
    • Are you trying to break into a new market, but are unsure how to do this effectively using your online assets AND measure the results of your efforts?

    measurelevance Online SEO Performance Tools

    measurelevance works by delivering easy-to-use, comprehensive set of online tools to it’s clients that help them understand clearly how their website and other online assets are performing and what needs to be done to improve their performance. Higher performance means higher revenue that can be directly traced back to the online asset.

    measurelevance Keyword tools are employed to get a clearer understanding of what the best keywords are for your business’ market niche. We use the state-of-art keyword research tools to increase the likelihood that you will receive keywords from the most reliable provider of search words.

    "website  analytis","online marketing","analytics"measurelevance SEO Analysis tools provide on-the-page site optimization, a comprehensive analysis of your pages, and gives you an overview of page elements that must be optimized for high search engine rankings.

    measurelevance Search Engine Submission tools submit your website information (website and product listings, articles, Sitemaps, blogs, etc.) to 200+ global, local and specialized search engines, directories and communities in automated and manual modes.


    Powerful Reports for Winning More Business Online

    measurelevance also works to deliver easy-to-understand weekly and monthly reports that detail how the performance of the client’s online properties are improving.

    measurelevance services are cost-effective because our clients get regular updates on the latest trends in online marketing and how to leverage many of those trends into their own online assets.

    Finally, measurelevance can include individualized, online assistance to help our clients understand and better leverage the tools and services we offer relevant to their own online properties. Part of our online assistance also includes free, mini-video online instruction, email*, phone*, and live remote (PC-to-PC) assistance*.

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    measurelevance SEO donates 5% of profits to:
    Just Compassion providing free medical and dental care to the under served

    We encourage you to donate a tax-deductible contribution to Just Compassion, a non-profit 501(c)(3), which provides free medical and dental care to the under-served in Appalachia and the United States.

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